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Pet Peeve: Quoting original sources includes the Actresses and Actores themselves

I see a lot of people getting angry on tumblr and L-chat about not quoting gif and picture sources.  I completely agree that sources should be quoted as much as possible at all times.

My Pet Peeve is when people extract pictures from something the Actresses and Actors post themselves they don’t always source back to the creator.  We all know that Dianna Agron, Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz, Harry Shum Jr., Amber Riley, Aristotle John (Telly) all post materials regularly on their tumblr blogs and if we edit or use their source material we should be quoting/sourcing their blogs.

A good example is the picture of Dianna Agron and Naya Rivera that has been reblogged many times by people on tumblr.  Most times we are sourcing back to the person who extracted the picture from the flash album that Dianna Agron uploaded, but in the end it was Dianna Agron who took the picture and she is the one who should be sourced as the original creator.  Reblog the picture as many times as you want but please credit the artist and creator of the photo, Dianna Agron and her tumblr link:

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