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Who Knew? - Chapter 1: Rumors, Gossip, and Innuendo

Who Knew? - Chapter 1: Rumors, Gossip, and Innuendo

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Title: Who Knew?

Chapter 1: Rumors, Gossip, and Innuendo

Character(s): Santana Lopez, Rachel Berry, Quinn Fabray (main characters)

Rating: M for possible adult content

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Coming Out

Description: An AU Glee Story starting after Season 2.  The members of New Directions have returned from the summer break with new friendships, new couples, new alliances, and new enemies.  Will they survive to win Nationals or will they be unable to come together as a team.

Glee and the characters of Glee do not belong to me, they belong to Fox Network. This is fan fiction only.

I welcome feedback and suggestions.

This story will be focussed primarily on Santana Lopez, Rachel Berry, and Quinn Fabray.  I haven’t decided on all the couple matches yet and everything is fluid and up and the air.  I left some hints in the first chapter about the current status of several couples but these things are not set in stone, I am going to allow this story to flow fluidly and am not going to try to fit it to any particular ship.  I may pursue some D/s relationship themes in this story.

Santana Lopez is a lesbian in this story and her sexuality will not be in doubt whatsoever, she will not be dating male characters.  I haven’t decided if any of the common ships will even end up together, I am keeping things open and fluid at this point.  Santana and Brittany had a falling and at the beginning of Senior Year their friendship is strained.

This AU story takes place after the events of Season 2 and the episode “New York”.  I may take things from Season 3 and use them in my story but I will not follow canon after Season 2.

Who Knew?

Chapter 1: Rumors, Gossip, and Innuendo

Whispers were everywhere on the first day back to school.  When she walked in the doors dressed in her overalls with glasses on everyone did a double take and couldn’t believe their eyes.  When they noticed the t-shirt she had on underneath the overalls it was almost more than any of them could actually handle.  Santana Lopez was wearing a Gay Pride 2011 t-shirt to school and her glasses and she didn’t seem to care who noticed her.  Everyone waited with baited breath for the slushies to fly at Santana that day but none came.  Some of the kids said that Noah Puckerman had made it known far and wide that if anyone touched Santana they would be dead, some said it may have been David Karofsky that said it.

During the school assembly that morning Principal Figgins, David Karofsky, and Noah Puckerman took the stage and advised that the anti-bullying club was open for new membership and that it would now be called the McKinley Guardians and David was president of the club.  Principal Figgins made it known that McKinley High now has a zero tolerance policy for bullying and that even slushy attacks will result in an immediate 2 day suspension.  Everyone looked toward Santana Lopez to see what her reaction was but she appeared to be reading her AP History text book during the assembly and wasn’t really paying attention at all to what was happening on stage.  Once again everyone did a double take realizing that Santana Lopez and Rachel Berry were actually sitting beside each other at school and Santana looked up to clap for David when Rachel nudged her shoulder.

Rumors spread like wildfire all over school that day, was Santana Lopez a lesbian?  There had been rumors last year about her sexuality but now everyone was openly talking about it.  Another rumor going around was that Santana Lopez had been kicked out by her parents over the summer and that she was actually living with Rachel Berry of all people.  During lunch hour Santana Lopez was seen in the choir room playing the piano and singing songs with Rachel Berry, this bit of news almost shocked the McKinley student body to its core, Rachel Berry and Santana Lopez were friends?  When did this happen?

Of course Santana Lopez wasn’t the only former Glee clubber being talked about that day and Jacob Ben Israel could barely keep up with all the blogging he had on his plate…

Quinn Fabray showed up at school with Tina Cohen-Chang sporting a punk look that shocked the entire student body.  Quinn had short hair dyed pink, a very short black skirt, fishnet stockings, a t-shirt saying “Hell is so hot right now” and an upside down cross around her neck.  Everyone gave Quinn a wide berth that day, if she was scary before as an HBIC Cheerio, she was a 100 times scarier now as an HBIC punk goth queen.  The expression on Quinn’s face wasn’t any different than when she used to be a Cheerio, there was a glare in her eyes that if anyone messed with her they would most definitely wish they were dead after.  If anything most people thought Quinn actually looked like she would kill someone if they even dared to talk to her.  When Jacob Ben Israel tried to move in and take a picture of Quinn, she gave him a look so intimidating that he ran away screaming and threw himself into a dumpster in the hope Quinn wouldn’t be able to follow him.

Brittany S Pierce arrived at school as Head Cheerio on the arm of one Mike Chang, it looked like Brittany and Mike might be the new power couple at McKinley High.  Rumors had it that Mike Chang had won the quarterback spot during football tryouts and was now the star quarterback for McKinley High.

Finn Hudson showed up looking mopier than usual and glaring at Rachel Berry, Quinn Fabray, and Santana Lopez.  Everyone gave Finn a wide berth as it was quite obvious that he wasn’t in a mood to be questioned about what was going on.  When Jacob Ben Israel tried to approach Finn that day he found himself lifted off the floor and pressed against the lockers with Finn looking like he was going to rip Jacob apart.  Jacob was actually rescued by David Karofsky of all people who managed to talk Finn down with the help of Kurt Hummel.

A new student named Blaine Anderson started as a Senior that day and everyone remembered him from the Junior Prom last year as Kurt Hummel’s boyfriend.  The two boys walked the halls together even holding hands occasionally.  Only one incident occurred that day involving Kurt and Blaine, when some of the hockey jocks tried to approach the two boys and it looked like something bad was going to happen, suddenly Noah Puckerman, David Karofsky, Mike Chang, Sam Evans, and Finn Hudson all appeared and after a few tense moments the hockey jocks backed off.

Noah Puckerman made it known to all the girls at school that he was a free agent on campus again and he openly flirted with practically every girl he saw in the halls.  A few girls noticed though that Quinn Fabray seemed to glare their way more intensely if she was nearby when they talked to Puck and the girls had the good sense to get as far away from him as possible before this new Quinn decided to do more than glare at them.

Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans arrived at school together holding hands and looking happier than anyone had ever seen them before.  Most people thought they were the cutest couple in school even though they were both a bit nerdy.

During study period Artie Abrams, Tina Cohen-Chang, and Quinn Fabray were seen talking and doing homework together in the library.  Rumor had it that all three of them were in full AP courses and all trying for academic scholarships this year.  Most people were astonished to hear that Santana Lopez had actually topped the Honor Roll in Junior year and Artie Abrams had come in a close second place to her.  It was rumored around school that Santana and Artie were the students to beat for valedictorian in Senior Year.

The strangest rumor of all was that Quinn Fabray and Artie Abrams were seen talking by themselves in an empty classroom just before lunch.  Another rumor was that Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray had a very heated argument in the girls washroom about Glee club and then the two girls had stormed away from each other right after.

The last rumors heard that day were that Mike Chang and Noah Puckerman were announced as co-captains of the Football team and Rachel Berry and Santana Lopez were announced as co-captains of the Glee club.  Finn Hudson was seen storming out of Glee club, Santana Lopez was seen crying and being comforted by Rachel Berry and Tina Cohen-Chang, and Quinn Fabray was seen leaving school with some of the punk kids and didn’t attend Glee club at all.

For a club that was considered the nerdiest at school some students were amazed to realize that all the members of the New Directions were the most gossiped about at school.  Perhaps all the music and dancing made them more dramatic and interesting than other students, perhaps the Glee club was becoming more popular than ever before.  The captains of the Football Team, the Cheerios captain, and some of the more popular students were all on the Glee club now.

The song “Who Knew?” by Pink inspired this story and will be used at some point in the early chapters.